The 'Exits' are Coming: Hernán Kazah on LATAMWatch now | "If you had asked at the time, where the capital was coming from, I had no clue […]. Today, our companies raise billions of dollars from investors and I think exits will follow that." -KASZEK's Hernan Kazah
The “umph” method of pricing helps you understand the true worth of your product. If your customers don't walk at a price raise -the "umph"- chances are…
A teardown of NuBank, the world's largest Neobank, based on its S-1 filing. Written by one of our newest advisors, Tanay Jaipuria
Don't be afraid to partner and relate your brand to any brand that is healthy, strong, and that can get you in touch with more potential customers.
The maturing of Africa's tech ecosystem is promising for the continent's billion(s). Let the show begin!
Peru's largest bank launched its own digital wallet and P2P service...and it is doing great. Here's why why that's a good thing.
Agent-based networks are crucial to achieving scale in emerging markets but these models are doomed to fail without creating a decent living for agents…
Unleashing the potential of financial APIs will necessitate integration millions into formal banking. To succeed, startups should seek to "platform" the…
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